Looking for specialty cut flowers?

  We have seasonal and locally grown fresh flowers for your special events, for gifts, or for your own enjoyment.

Welcome to Raspberry Hill Farm.  We are a small family farm in northern Colorado specializing in specialty cut flowers.

Why Buy Local Flowers?

  • Your purchase of local flowers supports the local economy.
  • They have a small carbon footprint, using less energy for transportation, refrigeration, and storage.
  • They are truly fresh.  Imported flowers are often stored a week or more before arriving at the store, reducing quality and vase life.  Our flowers are usually picked no more than 24 hours before they are in your hands.
  • They smell better.  Flowers grown for shipping purposes have been bred for features that allow them to travel well.  Unfortunately, they often lose their unique fragrance in the process.
  • They make you feel better!  Flowers reduce stress, improve your mood, and brighten your day!

“The flowers are still looking gorgeous! How do you get them to last so long?” — recipient of Raspberry Hill Farm birthday bouquet