Specialty cut flowers...seasonal and locally grown

Welcome to Raspberry Hill Farm.  We are a small family farm in northern Colorado specializing in specialty cut flowers.  Contact us for flowers for your special event, find our flowers at the Larimer County Farmers’ Market, or purchase a flower share here.

Why Buy Local Flowers?

  • Your purchase of local flowers supports the local economy.
  • They have a small carbon footprint, using less energy for transportation, refrigeration, and storage.
  • They are truly fresh.  Imported flowers are often stored a week or more before arriving at the store, reducing quality and vase life.  Our flowers are usually picked no more than 24 hours before they are in your hands.
  • They smell better.  Flowers grown for shipping purposes have been bred for features that allow them to travel well.  Unfortunately, they often lose their unique fragrance in the process.
  • They make you feel better!  Flowers reduce stress, improve your mood, and brighten your day!

“The flowers are still looking gorgeous! How do you get them to last so long?” — recipient of Raspberry Hill Farm birthday bouquet, 2011